MS - PJ057 Theme for KLWP

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This is not a standalone application. The theme requires Kustom Live Wallpaper PRO (Not the free version of KLWP).

Kustom (KLWP PRO)

What do you need:
✔ Kustom (KLWP PRO)
✔ A KLWP compatible launcher (I recommend the launcher New Launcher)

How to install:
✔ Download the MS - PJ057.
✔ Open your KLWP PRO application, choose the menu icon in the upper left, then click load preset.
✔ Find and touch the MS-PJ057 theme.
✔ Click the "Save" button in the upper right corner.

In the KLWP settings you need:
✔ Select 1 screen.

In the New Launcher launcher settings you need:
✔ Select 1 screen.
✔ Hide the Dock.
✔ Hide the Status Bar.
✔ Remove page indicator.

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Download cracked APK of MS - PJ057 Theme for KLWP ( mspj057.kustom.pack )

Version 0571.0
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